June 2018:

The Lazarus Questionnaire by Ted Mico

A Seal Skull Seems To Be a Wolf Skull by Erin Rice

Last Night in Antsville by Sharon Suzuki-Martinez

Webster’s Dictionary defines “communist” as “one who speaks with ghosts” by Brian Dau


July 2018:

Louisiana Necropoem by Laetitia Burns

Desireé Panda and the Lee Van Cleefs by Tracy Lynne Oliver

German Company Says Talking Doll is Not an “Espionage Device” by Martin Ott

Kitchen, West-Facing Window by Jackie Sherbow


August 2018:

Ashes than Dust by Iris Jamahl Dunkle

with an empathy so fatal #44 by Darren C. Demaree

Eryx and Hypatius by Ray Ball

Delayed Lightning by Benjamin Niespodziany


September 2018:

as a love story by Gervanna Stephens

A Wrinkle in Grief by Savannah Slone

In the Morning Their Shirt is Hanging Off the Bed by Alec Prevett

+ by Rebecca Kokitus


October 2018:

Prey by Christine Taylor

Dead Bird by Todd Dillard

Tennessee Warbler by Emily Banks

Under two birch trees in the corner of my yard by Emily Murman

The Pseudomorph by Amy Alexander


November 2018:

This is our dog by Emma Cairns Watson

Our love will stretch to cover this in time by Jeni De La O

whole foods rotisserie chicken by Chelsea Balzer

Chernobyl Fox by David Brennan


December 2018:

Little Offerings by Laurel Paige