June 2018:

The Lazarus Questionnaire by Ted Mico

A Seal Skull Seems To Be a Wolf Skull by Erin Rice

Last Night in Antsville by Sharon Suzuki-Martinez

Webster’s Dictionary defines “communist” as “one who speaks with ghosts” by Brian Dau


July 2018:

Louisiana Necropoem by Laetitia Burns

Desireé Panda and the Lee Van Cleefs by Tracy Lynne Oliver

German Company Says Talking Doll is Not an “Espionage Device” by Martin Ott

Kitchen, West-Facing Window by Jackie Sherbow


August 2018:

Ashes than Dust by Iris Jamahl Dunkle

with an empathy so fatal #44 by Darren C. Demaree

Eryx and Hypatius by Ray Ball

Delayed Lightning by Benjamin Niespodziany


September 2018:

as a love story by Gervanna Stephens

A Wrinkle in Grief by Savannah Slone

In the Morning Their Shirt is Hanging Off the Bed by Alec Prevett

+ by Rebecca Kokitus


October 2018:

Prey by Christine Taylor

Dead Bird by Todd Dillard

Tennessee Warbler by Emily Banks

Under two birch trees in the corner of my yard by Emily Murman

The Pseudomorph by Amy Alexander


November 2018:

This is our dog by Emma Cairns Watson

Our love will stretch to cover this in time by Jeni De La O

whole foods rotisserie chicken by Chelsea Balzer

Chernobyl Fox by David Brennan


December 2018:

Little Offerings by Laurel Paige

Up There the Mountains Burn Worse by Tom Snarsky

My Animal Life: An Autobiography in 10 Parts by Sara Barnard

If This Is a Death I Still Have so Much to Be Thankful For by Bailey Cohen


January 2019:

last will and testament by Amy Kinsman

The Visitor, or Not Quite Flesh by Alex Smith

Baptism by Ahja Fox

They’re Grackles and Every Time I See Them by Patric Pepper

I write a letter by Elisabeth Horan


February 2019:

Pecan Grove with Body Farm by Jack B. Bedell

i think i need a shock collar by Kat Giordano

Diagnosis by M. Stone

Seriously… by Afieya Kipp


March 2019:

Thunderbird by Wanda Deglane

How to Love a Monster with Average-Sized Hands by Jules Archer

Call Me Judy Tonight by Kathryn Hummel

Kin by Arlene Antoinette


April 2019:

Aurora Borealis by Erik Fuhrer

Bleed and Breathe the Air by E. Kristin Anderson

Uncle Lazarus has a magic trick by Cheyenne McIntosh

Freedom Song by Alcian Lindo

Cadaver by Tiffany Belieu


May 2019:

landmines with silly eyes by Nicholas Alti

Telephone by Jill Mceldowney

In All My Memories Flowers are Taking the Place of Faces by William Bortz

Directions by Jeffrey Yamaguchi


June 2019:

Email to My Boyfriend When Rent Is Due by Micaela Walley

Lion’s Maw by Lisa Folkmire

Humanity’s Bargain with the Birds by Eric Lochridge

John, Your Beard by Cyndie Randall


July 2019:

At the Airport Kiosk by Benjamin Niespodziany

Wound Study by H.E. Fisher

Country Song Erasures by Kit Armstrong

I’m not saying my dog has fought in a war but by Deon J. Robinson

A Buzzfeed Quiz Tells Me What Kind of Egg I Would Be Based On My Gender Identity by Hallie Nowak


August 2019:

Mine Own Will Toledo by Niyanta Patel

The Oxford Dodo by C. Line Beston

Manila Folder by Alejandro Ruiz del Sol

Strange Furniture by Lannie Stabile


September 2019:


Serpentarium by Clara Bush Valada

Patti Smith Was Retired from Madame Tussaud’s by Jordan Hamel

Buzz Drunk by Tara Campbell

Awake by Daniyel Wiggins


October 2019:

Dialectical Argument with Boyfriend and Bird Killer by Jennifer Metsker

Final Girl’s Love Song by Jessie Lynn McMains

While Walking in Forest Park by Georgia Bellas

Things People Have Written in Letters to Ghosts by Chloe N. Clark


November 2019:

Underwater by Bojana Stojcic

The Poem Where Dr. Phil Rides to the Back Doctor with Me by Katie Darby Mullins

Lycopene in Scale by Matthew DeMarco

Date Night by Holly Salvatore


December 2019:

The Lonely Code by Ben Kline

Ouroboros by Gretchen Rockwell

Imagine if Gender Were Stored in the Skull by Alec Prevett

The Mechanical Bird Crafts an Email by Caroline Chavatel

Pro re nata Christmas by Elyse Hart

Tidal by Andrew Hahn


January 2020:

seasonal cephalopodic self-improvement by Natasha King

On the Dendrochronology of Gastropod-Shells by Kunjana Parashar

Don’t worry about returning it by Devaki Devay

tell me i’m prettier when i smile by Danielle Rose


February 2020:

playing twenty questions with past lifetimes by Quinn Lui

Master of My Domain by Marissa Glover

All giant deer kings hail from Limerick by Meg Mulcahy

When he asks me to try doggie style, I think by Madeleine Corley


March 2020:

What Jupiter wrote to Ganymede after years of separation by Satya Dash

Self-Portrait as Season 1 of American Idol by Micaela Walley

Just Visiting by Alana Saltz

Elusive Shadows by Steve Castro and Daniel Romo

Jellyfish by Josh Sherman


April 2020:

In My Dreams, I Own a Laundromat by Elise Triplett

Instead of Heraldry by Matt Broaddus

Freckle (A Haibun) by Julia Gerhardt

text message to alexia from a cleveland clinic waiting room before an electromyogram by Matt Mitchell


May 2020:

When His Surgeon Called and Asked If I Had Questions by Jacqueline Hughes Simon

The Witch of Maurepas Calls the Swamp to Hand by Jack B. Bedell

Call Me When You Need Me by Marisa Crane

The Recluse by Jose Hernandez Diaz


June 2020:

Lately by Emry Trantham

morning ritual by KJ Shepherd

First Day of Spring by Jeanna Paden


July 2020:

Anubis 1 by James Vu

Goat of My Heart by Courtney LeBlanc

What I Found Underneath Love’s Fingernails by Michael Grant Smith

To the Western Fox Snake I Watched Unhinge Its Jaw and Swallow a Mouse Whole by Kate Wright


August 2020:

Learned Pig Writes a Poem by Ray Ball

This is My First Rodeo by Brett Elizabeth Jenkins

Hush by Nicholas Holt

dreambody by Casey Smith

Diagnostic Procedures by Taylor Kirby


September 2020:

Keep Turning Over by E. Kristin Anderson

my mouth is full of words i don’t know by Monica Kim

Earth Witch by Christina Thatcher

to eat the sleeping sky, whole by Ashley Cline


October 2020:

inarticulate by Angelina Martin

Weeds by Ivana Gatica