Flash Fiction

June 2018:

The Flat by Michael Alessi

Ganymede by Chelsea Harris

Escalator by Dan Sanders

Early Intervention by Colleen Rothman

A Gun in the First Act by Scott Garson

July 2018:

Teethings by Deena Lilygren

Wild Hairs by Tomas Marcantonio

Feeding Time by Tara Isabel Zambrano

Birds of a Feather by Tianna Grosch

August 2018:

No One Holds a Grudge Like a Crow by Marisa Crane

A Nearly Beautiful Thing by Cathy Ulrich

Lottie’s Husband, Out of His Skin by Nick Black

Bear by Shayne Terry

September 2018:

On the Point Between You and Infinity by Chloe N. Clark

Outline by Darrin Doyle

Madlib by Kim Magowan

Plan Exclusion by J. Bradley

October 2018:

Big Bad by Mary Hamilton

Song of the Dart Frogs by Samuel Clark

Bingo by Josh Denslow

Segmented Moments by Hannah Gordon

November 2018:

Sales Call by James Gapinski

The Circus Comes to Town When You Die by Liz Wride

Tea Kettles by Michelle Ross

When It’s Time to Go by Neil Clark

Natural Resources by Anita Goveas

December 2018:

To Repel Ghosts by Ran Walker

Twenty-First Century Life by Sarah Freligh

Star of Wonder by Kathryn McMahon

Holiday Party Etiquette for Insects Recently Transformed Into People by Ashley Memory

January 2019:

Clapping by Sarah Salway

Breast Roulette in Utero by Jennifer Todhunter

Uprooted by Brianna McNish

The Redwood Table by Kaylie Saidin

February 2019:

Outline for an Eco-Romance by Ori Fienberg

The Fount of Destruction by Julie Zuckerman

The Giant by Joaquin Fernandez

Drink Like a Bird by Meg Pokrass

March 2019:

A Quick Word About My Life by Trent England

L’Humaine Condition by Lily Wang

Hello There, Talk Show Host by Nicholas Grider

The Sound of Silence by Melissa Goode

Iconoclast Orangutan by Adam Lock

April 2019:

Deer. Us. by Arlene Ang and Valerie Fox

Hypotheticals by Zach VandeZande

Squirrels in the Attic by Jenny Fried

The Unreliable Narrator Apologizes by Chris Haven

May 2019:

The Numbers Game by Gaynor Jones

The Candy Children’s Mother by A.A. Balaskovits

Port Town/El Pueblo del Puerto by Édgar Omar Avilés (translated by Toshiya Kamei)

here is the whole history of us chapter one by Amanda Claire Buckley

A Tremendous Head, Uneasy by Nell Ovitt

June 2019:

The Angle of Depression by Patricia Q. Bidar

My Eyelids Think They’re Something Else by Len Kuntz

Your Countdown to New Year by Riham Adly

Dog Years by Michael Grant Smith

July 2019:

Lizard Meat by Carina Martin

Ordering Fries at Happy Hour by Christopher Gonzalez

Martin Moves In by Ellen Rhudy

Corrections by Charles Rafferty

August 2019:

The Present Moment by Kim Magowan and Michelle Ross

you again by Monique Quintana

Misunderstanding and Misinformation in the Recorded History of Identity Storytelling by Pat Foran

Dead? Yes, Dead by Amy Stuber

The Ghosts Inside by Erik Fuhrer

September 2019:

The Right Light by Janelle Bassett

Signature by Nicholas Grider

Trees Like a Way Out by Jennifer Fliss

Bears by Tom Jenks

October 2019:

Thermoregulation by Amie Souza Reilly

Being the Murdered Girlfriend by Cathy Ulrich

You Don’t Have a Place Here by Anna Vangala Jones

Girls in the Woods by Madeline Anthes

Modern Ghosts by Chelsea Stickle

November 2019:

Nine Fictions by Scott Garson

A Monograph of Florida Man Headlines by Allie Marini

Sanctuary by Jo Varnish

How to French Kiss Like a Sonofabitch by Ben Slotky

December 2019:

Not What I Ordered by Ava Wolf

She’s Been Living in the Attic for Who Knows How Long by Steve Chang

Fur by Kathryn Kulpa

We Feed Them to the Lions by Paul Thompson

January 2020:

The Sad Song in Every Story by Mileva Anastasiadou

Bob Ciano by Hugh Behm-Steinberg

B is for Balls by Kara Vernor

Underwater Cabbage is Happy by Sean Pravica

A Rupturing of Light by Suzanne Grove

February 2020:

Emily, Don’t by Kelsey Ipsen

Ladybird, Ladybird by DeMisty Bellinger

Me, Irene, and the Radio King of Albuquerque by Ian Anderson

Alice in Voreland by Lauren Friedlander

March 2020:

Stones Are Heaviest When Swallowed by Jen Julian

Tumblers by Sara Lippmann

10 Facts About a Winter Day, 2021 by Hallie Nowak

Wetted Appetites by Molly Gabriel

April 2020:

Diets by Lucy Zhang

Careful by Dan Sanders

Concerning the Power Cord by Lyndsie Manusos

Stranger Disconnected by Darren Nuzzo

May 2020:

How I Learned About Evolution by Michelle Ross

Growth by Ben Segal

The Jackalope in Economy Class by Elizabeth Hart Bergstrom

to grasp by Tyler Barton

Now We’re Getting Somewhere by Claire Hopple

June 2020:

The Prognosticators by Matthew Burnside

Call It My Signature Kill by Kristina Ten

July 2020:

One Fist Holding by Dustin M. Hoffman

The Reality Star Gets Her Start on a Dating Show by Kyra Kondis

Tradition by Benjamin Woodard

Eating Dandelions by Luz Rosales

Opossum by Michael Czyzniejewski

August 2020:

Making It by Cate McGowan

Stones My Mother Carved from the Mountain by Noa Covo

I’ll Allow It Maybe Just This Once by Jeff Chon

Half the Joy by Ruth Joffre

September 2020:

Tiger by Gary Moshimer

American Movie by K-Ming Chang

The Falling Baby by John Jodzio

The Chorus in My Walls by Elisabeth Ingram Wallace

October 2020:

Nursing by Gary Fincke

When Your Mother is a Mermaid by Candace Hartsuyker

Whale Watch by Gabrielle Griffis

Fireflies by Ron Burch

And Then She is a Witch by Ellen Rhudy

November 2020:

Oxygenation by Gabrielle Trúc Cohen

Satellite of a Satellite of a Satellite by Avra Margariti

There’s a Trick with a Knife by Meghan Phillips

Tchaikovsky by Peter Krumbach

December 2020:

Pot Roast by Alyson Mosquera Dutemple

Jumping the Shark by Jennifer Wortman

Experts by David Byron Queen

Second Life by Chelsea Stickle

January 2021:

What is Possible in This, Our Year 2021 by Kendra Fortmeyer

Night Feeding by Lindy Biller

My heart has given me the slip again by B. Tyler Lee

Dorothy Grows a Beard by Joy Guo

You’re Still You by Anna Vangala Jones

February 2021:

How to Wear White to a Wedding by May Hathaway

Casey Who Exorcises People by Eric Ramussen

Three Fictions by Sara Nović

Three Short Tales by Joshua Jones

March 2021:

Fly Fishing with God by Andrew Bertaina

Painting Birds by Jennifer Todhunter

Sleeping Beauties by Tiffany Promise

The Pixelated Tiger by Jack Barker-Clark

April 2021:

A Closed Door with a Keyhole by L Mari Harris

Explanation of Your Benefits and Losses by Angie McCullagh

Missing Enough to Feel All Right by Janelle Bassett

Wolf Shepherd by Sarah Arantza Amador

Laughing with Anne Hathaway by Megan M. Garwood

May 2021:

Silver Rings by Aimee Parkison

Meat Bag by Hannah Gregory

The Cake You Bake Your Father is Not a Cake at All by Sara Torres-Albert

Bill Murray Terraforms Mars by Robbie Maakestad

June 2021:

The Blob by Karissa Venne

After 70 Years in the Ice, Steve Rogers Visits Whole Foods by Emily Capettini

The Curtains We Bought by Sheila Mulrooney

Undertow by Matthew Mastricova

July 2021:

The Painted Moth by Jennifer Fliss

Other Husbands by M.L. Krishnan

A Universe Waiting to Be Born by Cathy Ulrich

Beauty is Only… by Jessica June Rowe

No Running by Taylor Clarke

August 2021:

The Roadrunner by Brianne M. Kohl

Big Head Syndrome by Hannah Whiteoak

This Isn’t Anything by Francine Witte

Where There’s Smoke by Leslie Walker Trahan

September 2021:

Five Things I Admire About Tudi by Olivia Post

Not a Lump by Greta Hayer

Transfiguration by Nancy Hightower

Yes, You Can Eat Your Goldfish by Susan Rukeyser

October 2021:

Soft Bundles by Meghan Louise Wagner

So Much an Outlaw I Belong on a Wanted Poster by Holly Pelesky

Choices by Anna Hundert

things you’ve shared with the ghost in your dorm room (in no particular order) by shelby rice

The Scab of the Family by Mialise Carney

November 2021:

Untrue Things by Cezarija Abartis

Missing Link by Mike Keller-Wilson

How to Escape a Time Loop by Sara Davis

Leftovers by Brenda Wolfenbarger

December 2021:

A Hole Widens Slightly by Hanan Farouk (translated from the Arabic by Essam M. Al-Jassim)

Wasp Dreams by Molly Andrea-Ryan

One Night in November by Kathryn Atwood

Folding by Emma Smith-Stevens

Never Again by Kate Maxwell

January 2022:

When Everyone is President by Maryann Aita

Ornithology by Jocelyn Royalty

Brackish by Eshani Surya

A Theft by Rhiannon Jones

February 2022:

Closer by Tara Isabel Zambrano

My Mother Visits Me in America and is Offended by What the Dishwasher Can Do by Tara Isabel Zambrano

Deer by Hannah Silverman

A Girl Builds a Snowman by Ruth Joffre

March 2022:

Azaleas by Rachel Hoiles Farrell

How to Take a Vacation: A Guide for Medieval Women by Maria Poulatha

There Is Only One Object in the Museum of Darkness by Helen Harjak

Tongue Depressors by Emily Behnke

April 2022:

The Man I Killed… by Corey Miller

Superposition by Josh Denslow

Starburst: A Dispatch of 100-Word Stories by Julia Halprin Jackson

We Thought It Was Lost Forever by Eileen Frankel Tomarchio

1000 by Rob Roensch

May 2022:

Everything Works Differently in Darkness by Kaj Tanaka

Betty by Didi Wood

Togetherland by Amy Stuber

Exposure Therapy by Jamie Logan

June 2022:

Spectral Analysis by Marc Vincenz

Mr. Worldwide by Megan Robinson

New Forever by Rebekah Morgan

The Deaths of the Great Lakes by Jeffrey Hermann

August 2022:

Nails by Julia Kenny

The Dar-Ron Motel by Julia Strayer

September 2022:

Chickens by Harsimran Kaur

The Lesbian’s Guide to Making a Baby by Jax Cassidy

The Stress on Modern Women by Alyssa Asquith

October 2022:

Ka, Ba, and Akh by Becky Robison

Ghouls by Gordon Brown

November 2022:

When Astronauts Landed in Our Neighborhood by James R. Gapinski

Sparkle Time by Audrey Lee

December 2022:

Funland by Rebekah Morgan

Offering by Laura S. Marshall

January 2023:

City People by Benjamin Warner

Like Real Women Do by K.B. Carle

February 2023:

Skeletons in the Closet by Rina Olsen

Screenland by Jacques Debrot

March 2023:

Daddy Issues by Aileen O’Dowd

Bury Me with My Delicate Injustices by Alexis Jamilee Carter