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Cathy Ulrich’s wonderful debut short story collection, GHOSTS OF YOU, is a full-length collection of flash fiction from her Murdered Ladies series about seeking the lost and finding the person behind the sensationalism. It examines the tropes of mystery and crime storytelling in which the narrative always begins with the body of yet another murdered woman. They are mothers and daughters, teachers and students, lovers and wives, actresses and extras. They have been taken, but their stories still remain. This is how they set the plot in motion.



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Advanced Praise:

“‘The thing about being the murdered girl,’ writes Cathy Ulrich, ‘is you set the plot in motion.’ But, of course, it’s Ulrich who brilliantly constructs the plot around, in, before, through, and after a violent crime – making fully realized gems of stories in the most unlikely of spaces.” – Amber Sparks, author of THE UNFINISHED WORLD and AND I DO NOT FORGIVE YOU

“GHOSTS OF YOU, the eagerly anticipated compilation of Cathy Ulrich’s brilliantly original ‘Murdered Ladies’ stories, is by turns a haunted and haunting literary work. This book left me deeply moved, shaken, and forever changed. Read these stories, then seek out everything else Ulrich has written, for she is a writer of singular voice and vision and this is only the beginning.” – Kathy Fish, author of WILD LIFE: COLLECTED WORKS, 2003-20018

“Cathy Ulrich gives voice to the romanticized murdered darlings – wives, prom queens, babysitters, cheerleaders – lying unquestioned at the heart of American media. GHOSTS OF YOU is a powerful meditation restoring their lives anew, and more: a lyrical and fiercely human howl.” – Kendra Fortmeyer, author of HOLE IN THE MIDDLE

“In a dazzling, richly detailed series of second-person narratives addressed to ghostly girls and women, Cathy Ulrich unearths their buried lives and the afterlives of those around them. Every single one of them becomes unforgettable. In a culture increasingly inured to violence against women, at a time when women are being systematically disempowered, their bodies and voices erased, stories like these take on particular urgency and importance. GHOSTS OF YOU will haunt you. Don’t miss this stunning debut collection.” – Jacqueline Doyle, author of THE MISSING GIRL