Directions by Jeffrey Yamaguchi

Can you just get on
top and also let me breathe
it’s been a long day

Slice the tomatoes
it doesn’t matter how thick
just keep all the juice

See if you can get
a forming wave and then crash
across the sequence

Just one ice cube please
let that fucker melt on down
takes away the harsh

Pay close attention
to the last very sentence
you’ll find the right words

Remember that time
we met at that hidden spot
let’s do that again

Turn out the lights
tell me that one story
will it to my dreams


Jeffrey Yamaguchi creates projects with words, photos and video as art explorations, as well as through his work in the publishing industry. He can be found on Twitter @jeffyamaguchi and at His recent publications include Vamp Cat Magazine, Nightingale & Sparrow, Failed Haiku, Naviar Haiku, Memoir Mixtapes, formercactus, and Three Drops from a Cauldron.

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