Nominations & Awards

Best of the Net 2018:


The Flat by Michael Alessi (selected as a finalist)

Ganymede by Chelsea Harris


A Seal Skull Seems To Be a Wolf Skull by Erin Rice

The Lazarus Questionnaire by Ted Mico

Last Night in Antsville by Sharon Suzuki-Martinez (selected as a finalist)

Webster’s Dictionary defines “communist” as “one who speaks with ghosts” by Brian Dau


Best Microfiction 2019:

The Flat by Michael Alessi

A Gun in the First Act by Scott Garson

Feeding Time by Tara Isabel Zambrano (selected as a winner)

Birds of a Feather by Tianna Grosch

Madlib by Kim Magowan

Plan Exclusion by J. Bradley

Big Bad by Mary Hamilton

Natural Resources by Anita Goveas


Pushcart Prizes 2019:


Escalator by Dan Sanders

Teethings by Deena Lilygren

Outline by Darrin Doyle


A Seal Skull Seems To Be a Wolf Skull by Erin Rice

Desireé Panda and the Lee Van Cleefs by Tracy Lynne Oliver

Prey by Christine Taylor


Best Small Fictions 2019:

Early Intervention by Colleen Rothman

No One Holds a Grudge Like a Crow by Marisa Crane

A Nearly Beautiful Thing by Cathy Ulrich

Madlib by Kim Magowan (selected as a winner)

Segmented Moments by Hannah Gordon