June 2018

The Flat by Michael Alessi

Ganymede by Chelsea Harris

Escalator by Dan Sanders

Early Intervention by Colleen Rothman

A Gun in the First Act by Scott Garson


July 2018

Teethings by Deena Lilygren

Wild Hairs by Tomas Marcantonio

Feeding Time by Tara Isabel Zambrano

Birds of a Feather by Tianna Grosch


August 2018

Agonal Respiration by Caleb Michael Sarvis

No One Holds a Grudge Like a Crow by Marisa Crane

A Nearly Beautiful Thing by Cathy Ulrich

Lottie’s Husband, Out of His Skin by Nick Black

Bear by Shayne Terry


September 2018

On the Point Between You and Infinity by Chloe N. Clark

Outline by Darrin Doyle

Madlib by Kim Magowan

Plan Exclusion by J. Bradley


October 2018

Big Bad by Mary Hamilton

Song of the Dart Frogs by Diana Clark